• Collaboration & diversity adds to the learning


    Dempsey and Joel reflect on the 2023 Emerging Leaders Program which brought together a diverse group of individuals across multiple sectors. Individuals brought their personal insights and wealth of experience to this high-impact program. See there reflection HERE Over three days, the team at Outback Initiatives saw first hand the capable talent emerging within Australia. […]

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  • Meagan’s story


    Emerging Leadership program alumni Meagan, speaks to the importance of introducing senior leaders to the amazing young talent that is coming through. Meagan provided great insights during this program while sharing her passion to be an advocate for those who feel the don’t have a voice. See the video HERE

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  • Insights from an Emerging Leader


    Outback Initiatives recently took a group of Emerging Leaders on an experience like no other. We found their insights inspiring.   WATCH more HERE   Alumni Campbell shared; “A key take-away for me is that you don’t really know who you are, until you see yourself in action. People are going to get themselves into […]

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  • Our team

    Bespoke team for bespoke programs


    An important part of program design is the selection of the right team members in order to create the best outcome for our clients. It is never a one size fits all. For our specialist programs this October we have selected team members who live in Northern Territory, Queensland, ACT, Victoria, WA & Thailand. having […]

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  • The Legacy of Peter Cullen


    Over 5 days in September, we’ll be working in South East Queensland, with Leaders who continue the Legacy left by Peter Cullen, known for his effective leadership and ability to communicate complexities within science to guide policy around effective water management in Australia. Through “Bridging Science, People and the Environment”, The Peter Cullen Trust delivers […]

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  • 5 years on – Peter Hill reflects on leadership lessons


      Contemporary leaders are faced with constant change, and at times this is dramatic, creating a sense of chaos.  Intentional ‘chaos’ is built into our programs to allow participants to understand their behaviour during these times of uncertainty, and how they can best lead during chaotic times. We recently caught up with Outback Initiatives Alumni […]

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  • Celebrating our 50th specialist international contingent to the Kimberley.


    This month marks the arrival of the 50th Crocrock program with the Singapore Police Gurkha Contingent. This important relationship has been in place since 1994 when founder Colin Hendrie  developed this unique leadership training program which is still going strong today. During these 50 programs, our clients have collectively spent 31,500 days exploring WA, trekking […]

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  • New Emerging Leaders Program: Feb 19-23, 2024


      The team at Outback Initiatives are passionate about passing on skills and knowledge to emerging leaders. Put simply, this program will influence the impact of participants leadership contribution for decades to come. Our desire is to fast track personal growth, offering major gains in leadership development, within a relatively small period of time. Having shared […]

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  • Warami Everybody, Happy NAIDOC week


    Warami everybody, I hope you are enjoying NAIDOC Week 2023.  This year’s theme is “For our Elders”.  An extract from the NAIDOC website describes why our Elders are so important to us, “They are cultural knowledge holders, trailblazers, nurturers, advocates, teachers, survivors, leaders, hard workers and our loved ones”.  For me it is a special […]

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  • Flash Back! Five years ago it was asked, “Is this Australia’s Most Effective Leadership Course?”


    We were recently reminded that it was five years ago that Outback Initiatives was featured in the Qantas Magazine. A lot has happened in that time. The effectiveness of our experiential programs is needed now more than ever. Kirsten Galliot (Editor-in-Chief),  writes of her experience and outcomes during the 2018 Kimberley Leadership Adventure. Read the […]

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