Matt Chafer

Matt Chafer

Matt Chafer


MATT is a technician, who specialises in logistics & support.  Originally born in England but WA is very much home, and is happily living in suburban Perth.  Matt has worked as a freelance outdoor education instructor since 2001, and loves the work.  Matt got his start in outdoor education running activities in a summer camp in Arizona USA.  He also did a 3 month mountain skills course in the Canadian Rockies, which gave him a good foundation in technical skills.  Matt freelances for a number of private schools, private companies, explorus, World challenge (leading expeditions overseas with high school students), and has worked for the department of sport and recreation in a number of roles including senior instructor and program coordinator.  Matt also teaches swimming for the department of education.  He has mainly worked with children of all ages throughout my outdoor education career.  Matt enjoys mountain biking and kayaking.  He also enjoys travelling and has a passion for learning new skills (from French to car mechanics, to DIY herbal remedies).  He also enjoys just relaxing, and taking it easy.  Matt also takes time to devote to the local volunteer fire brigade.   
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