Aneta Wnek

Aneta Wnek

Aneta Wnek

Creative Director

Aneta Wnek of AW Studio was brought onboard to work as our Creative Director in mid-2015. 

Since then Aneta has worked closely with the Outback Initiatives team to understand our Vision, and with great respect for our 20 year history is helping Outback Initiatives transform our brand for the future.  

From evolving our beloved Kurlamarnu, the Frill-Necked Lizard in our logo and redefining how we communicate to our markets, we have worked with AW Studio to develop a whole range of exciting new marketing collateral, campaigns, website and videos – helping Outback Initiatives be ready to take our amazing programs and services to the rest of Australia – and the World. 

Aneta is a strategic branding specialist and brings with her over 20 years experience of working with local and international brands as a creative director and designer.    
To find out more about Aneta and AW Studio visit her websites and LinkedIn page or just say hi.
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